1. Tile Manufacturers 101 – Do The Research

    North American Tile Manufacturers Sourcing Your Favorite Tiles One of the leading manufacturers of tile in North America is Marazzi. The values proposition that are governing Marazzi USA are not just words on paper. Groundbreaking inception and principles continue to honor their commitment to core values like integrity, fair business practices, ethical treatment of employees and customers. As lead…Read More

  2. Exciting Tile Trends For 2018

    Color May Be The New Norm Interesting Textures & Colors Keith Clay Floors is obsessed with tile...all kinds of tile. Tile on backsplashes, walls, floors, and yes even ceilings. What? Yes if you check into designer magazines and TV shows, quite a variety of tile has blossomed in the tile and design industries at large. And in 2018, it has been confirmed that more color, shapes, patterns and fan…Read More

  3. A Golden Staple Subway Tile

    Ceramic Subway Tile Used For Decades Kitchen & Bath Design Staples Subway Tile...The staple of kitchen and bathroom designs for many decades is so popular with the growing young marrieds it has become a tile trend. Obsession with small designer homes like Greenville Avenue in the M streets in Dallas has become the remodel one dreams about. Some say that subway tile is the hardest working wall …Read More

  4. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles Information

    What You Need To Know Trust The Best In Mixed Stone Products Have you ever wondered if you are looking at porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles when you are completing your due diligence before making your tile selection. As designers in the industry it's probably something you learned in school, however for the average homeowner or commercial investor, it is usually not something you are concerned abo…Read More

  5. Keith Clay & Bona Flooring Products

    Bona - The Perfect Mop Clean Your Hardwood Floors Does your floor maintenance routine need a quick boost to shine? Let's take a good look at your cleaning tools. Are you using the right tools for dusting and mopping your floors? Make sure your tools are working with you, making it easier to do the quick daily and weekly cleanups that are the first line of defense in good floor care. When it comes …Read More

  6. Consider Polished Concrete Flooring

    Polished Concrete Floors Cost Benefits To You Summer is almost is full swing as we head into June activities. Have you considered polishing those concrete floors before events for this summer? If not, let's discuss why it's a great time to consider this process. Take a look at this picture above. Creative  Loft style living room with nature view 3d rendering image.There are white brick wall, poli…Read More

  7. Beautiful Saltillo Tile Floors

    Consider Installation Saltillo Tile Floors Also Known As Mexican Tile Floors We know you have seen them, they look like buttered leather and are worth every ohhh and ahhh when seen by your family and friends. Mexican tile is a treat to decorate your patio, home, entertainment room or even that special dining area with spectacular colors. Did you know that with Mexicatn Tile Floors you will have li…Read More

  8. The Wood Floor

    What Is The Best Type Of Wood Flooring For Me? Solid Or Engineered Wood Floors Are you ready to make a design change in your flooring for your home, business, or institutional office setting? You love the hardwood floor look and feel, but may not be sure what to buy for your setting right? That is where Keith Clay Floors comes in. For over 30 years, Keith has been helping North Texans make educate…Read More

  9. Check Out This Designer Bathroom

    Grout Cleaning & Maintenance Saving You $$ Over Time Take a look at this fabulous contemporary bathroom. The design may not be your taste but you must admit it is creative, open for wide use, and the use of these large panel tiles with a few decorative provide context and a theme for the ongoing future of this mixed tile installation. Perhaps you wouldn't have thought of mixing the types of st…Read More

  10. Hardwood Floors

    We Love Hardwood Floors Properly Maintained Extends Life Hardwood floors are beautiful, durable, and can last for decades if they are properly maintained. Of course that is the issue isn't it. The question everyone has but the answers may vary from floor to floor or location to location. Let's say you have an issue arise that needs a professional to evaluate about moisture in a corner location. Wh…Read More