1. Designer Utility Rooms & Tile With Contrasting Grout

    Keeping Tile In Mind - Designs For Your Home Expand Your Mind - A New Bath Location For Your Pets Expand your mind for a moment and think about this picture you see. Your precious pet has a new doggie wash location with beautiful tile and grout in your redesigned 2018 Utility Room. Welcome to the evolution of the Utility Room for 2018. And what about that beautiful simple tile and grout...It is sp…Read More

  2. Keep Your Mixed Stone Installations Clean

    Mixed Stone Installations Maintenance On Your Investments Do you have mixed stone usage in your residential, commercial or institutional location right now? If you do, then maintenance on those investments is paramount into keeping them sparking, beautiful, and clean. The next issue is understanding that we as natural stone installers and designers want to make sure your natural stone floors, wall…Read More

  3. Bona Green Leader Of The Pack

    Bona® is Commited to Our Shared Environment Increased awareness by customers when it comes to the environment and floor care, is happening around the Globe. For those people who have mild to serious allergies and care about environments and floor care for their homes or business; Clay Floors insists on using Bona products. Why, because Bona leads the pack. Bona Green is our product focus this mon…Read More

  4. Natural Oil Finishes For Hardwood Flooring

    Discover The Benefits In the last few months, we have received many inquiries here at Clay Floors about the Natural Oil Finishes for hardwood floors. There are always pros and cons to everything; so lets discuss some general information with regard to hard wood floors. In the world of wood floor finishes, urethane finishes are typically going to be the most popular. Praised for their excellent dur…Read More

  5. Hardwood Floors Versus Carpets

    What Works Best In Your Setting Clay Floors in Dallas Texas is here to serve you with all your flooring needs. For over 30 years our clients have depended on us to assist them with taking proper care of those floors. Making sure your investment is protected, maintained, and repaired with proper installation and care is what we do. We love floor period. So that said, we answer a lot of questions fr…Read More

  6. All About Wood Floors

    Featured Case Product Study: The Bona Systems Thank you Dallas and Fort Worth customers from Keith Clay Floors. For over 30 years Keith Clay Floors has provided the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex with superior quality flooring solutions. Clients just like you enjoy the professional floor restoration, floor refinishing, floor repair, floor installation and floor maintenance services that we have alway…Read More

  7. Institutional Flooring Inspiration

    New Fall Institution Flooring Trends Take A Look Around The next time you go to the bank, or enter a large high rise building, be sure to notice the design aesthetics of the lobby spaces, and yes even offices designs for flooring, furniture, and walls. In today's world, Institutional spaces at large are heavily influenced by hospitality and residential design aesthetics. Sophistication and themed …Read More

  8. Polished Concrete Floors

    Keep The Shine! Keith Clay Floors understands that all floors need regular care. Polished Concrete Floors are no different. Polishing all your  Home, Office, Facilities, Schools, Institutions, Manufacturing Plants and Outside Porch and Patio Venues have floors in common. While type and amount may vary, every location has a floor of some kind. Daily maintenance keeps all floors looking their best.…Read More

  9. Poured Concrete Floor Tips

    Pouring Concrete In The Mid South States Included: Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee Climate Overview: When you pour concrete floors the climate matters. Clay Floors is all about taking care of concrete floors after the initial pouring is complete. But you need to be aware of the best accepted practices for pouring concrete before you deal with sealing, repairing, and of course regular concrete…Read More

  10. Mobile Concrete Flooring Polishing

    The Next Generation of Flooring Did you know that Concrete has become the new flooring material of choice for designers and homeowners across the United States? Concrete floors are popping up everywhere. Retail stores, restaurants, offices, building, plants, institutions, homes and patios everywhere. Concrete flooring is a very versitile product and acid-stained, painted, overlays, microtoppings, …Read More