1. Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

    The team at Keith Clay Floors wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. Thank you for your continued support and partnershipduring 2016. It's been a great year and we are so grateful to have so many wonderful clients like you. Best wishes from us to you and we look forward to working with you in the years to come. Keith Clay has been in business for 30 years serving Dallas, …Read More

  2. Bona Is Green

    Clay Floors & Bona® is Commited to Our Shared Environment Floor care and the environment goes hand in hand with Bona. Leading the pack, for over 90 Years, Bona sets standards worldwide. That is why here at Clay Floors, we support and recommend all Bona products. Bona brings you innovation, consistent performance and the highest quality the industry has to offer. Keith Clay also shares a conce…Read More

  3. Hardwood Floor Protection

    Floor Damage Can Come From Chairs and Furniture For over 30 years, Keith Clay Floors, has been providing Floor Restoration, Floor Refinishing, and  Floor Installation here in the Dallas metroplex. Hardwood floors never really fade from the minds of most who enjoy their warmth in their homes, offices, entry ways, and even in commercial settings where rugs are used in high traffic areas. For many o…Read More

  4. New Flooring Installation

    Wants Needs & Means Today in flooring, the debate continues among floor covering trainers and sales people. Should floor installation be about fashion, color or design?  Here at Keith Clay Floors we believe it is all 3; wants, needs, means and more. First and foremost should be the consideration about floor use. Keeping use in mind eliminates the flooring types that will not work in that loca…Read More

  5. Maintain Your Clean

    Saltillo Tile Will Stay Beautiful Mexican tile floors have become quite the trend in the last few years. Often the characteristic look and feel lend themselves to just the right touch for your southwestern themed home. Clay Floors thinks when installed properly, these striking decorative tiles are known to provide your home with many years of satisfaction. Due in a large part to how gracefully Mex…Read More

  6. Saltillo Mexican Tile

    Advantages of Saltillo Clay Floors in Dallas is a professional flooring contractor serving the Dallas and North Texas communities for over 30 years. Floor Restoration, Refinishing & Installation is required in every type of contracted flooring, so if you are considering buying a home with Saltillo flooring, Clay floors would like this opportunity to let you know some advantages for this beauti…Read More

  7. Will My New Flooring Be Green?

    What’s Behind Certifications? As a conscious consumer, your first question asked before you buy any kind of flooring may be "Will my floor be Green?" Keith Clay Floors says it depends on the products you select. If you want to talk about green floors in general then lets discuss what our industry means when it says a product is "Green". Education about flooring is critical to you making the prop…Read More

  8. Color Variations in Saltillo Tile

    Individual Tiles Have Character Saltillo tile usually varies in color and shape, however the majority range from in varying hues of reds, oranges and yellows. These beautiful floor tiles are shaped by pressing quarried clay with a wooden frame (super), or could be carving out the desired shape (regular). Depending on the raw tile's placement among other tiles at the time of firing, its color range…Read More

  9. Protect Your Hardwood Floors

    Chairs and Furniture Can Be Floor Friendly Clay Floors believes that Proper Floor Care is very important to every home, commercial installation, and institutional location to extend floor life and still be beautiful. For our clients, floor protection means a lot of attention is placed on protecting floors against outside contaminants and making sure everyone in the home and is aware of good floor-…Read More

  10. Successful NWFA 2015 Expo Sees Big Growth

    Dallas Bona Training Facility Continues To Push Ahead The passion with wood, flooring,  and making homes beautiful is something Clay Floors has enjoyed for over 25 years here in Dallas. This latest round of education at a local symposium here in Dallas included new products with the Bona Company on installation, new products out there and just keeping up with the industry. It's great news to see …Read More