Granite, Naturally Resistant To Wear And Damage

Granite Floors are very resistant to wear and damage, and are considered an all natural Green flooring material. It is both durable and lasts a long time with proper care. The finishes of granite are matte, polished, or flamed. Matte and polished or un-textured and flat. The flamed is the same as brushed and has a texture to it. It comes in numerous colors and is known for it’s low maintenance requirements and easy cleaning. Granite flooring is resistant to grease, oil, sodas, coffee, and tea. If glassware or crockery falls on the floor it isn’t damaged unless crunched under foot and ground in. So quickly cleaning up saves that wear and tear.

Protect Your Granite Floors With Routine Cleaning

Normal spills and grime are easily cleaned by warm water after sweeping on each day. A stone soap mopping every week and rinsing with water afterwards will help protect its seal and make it shine. Be aware however, that quartz can scratch granite if left on the surface. Quartz is an basic component in sand and shoes track it in easily. This tracking causes tiny scratches that, with time, can really damage granite. That is why the cleaning routine mentioned is best for granite floors,  as the professionals at Keith Clay Floors can attest. Ask about quality ‘Green’ flooring products that clean and shine, and can help keep your granite beautiful.

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