Liquids Generally Don’t Penetrate Slate Floors

Have you considered a new slate floor for your home? This is a durable stone for flooring that is naturally found in numerous colors and textures. Liquids can’t penetrate it easily, and it is hard to stain with liquids, although there are foods that can stain it. A penetrating sealer will stop that and will add shine. Waxing causes it to lose its slip resistance as do floor finishes.

The distinctive colors of slate are purple, brown, maroon, gray, red, black, and green. There are various mixtures of all of these colors in slate. Its natural cleft is a texture many people like. This texture is somewhat rough and thus it is slip resistant. A softer shine is found in honed slate as well but slate flooring also comes in a smooth texture and in varying thicknesses. The different shapes of slate tiles are rectangle, square, and irregular. Using different shapes and sizes of slate tile can create a design that compliments a room. It is best to clean slate with warm water only.

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