Provides A Wealth Of Character

Are you looking for Hand Scraped Wood Floors here in the Dallas or North Texas Region? If so, Keith Clay Floors is your company. Clay Floors has been installing quality hand scraped wood floors in Dallas for 25 years.

Hand Sculpted Flooring

Another name for hand scraped is hand sculptured. When wood is truly hand scraped it isn’t machinery distressed. One advantage of hand scraped is that scratched and abrasions don’t pop out so much. It processes a wealth of character. It offers homeowners the appealing image of reclaimed wood, yet it has a durable urethane finish. It has an elegant look and the markings add the aged, rich feel of old wood with a story to tell. Hands tools are used to attain this effect. It is made in solid wood or engineered planks.

An above grade room with a wooden subfloor can us the solid hand scraped wood or the engineered variety. If the under flooring is concrete or the room sets below grade engineered wood has to be the choice. High humidity makes engineered the right choice. Both types of scraped wood make beautiful floors as anyone at Keith Clay Floors well tell you.

Keith Clay has been in business for over 30 years serving Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and all Dallas Metroplex suburbs. We know wood floors and can answer any questions you may have. If you want the best job from a company of professionals, call us today. 972-463-6604.