Many Types and Patterns Are Available

Tile floors were very popular with wealthy Romans and were used for church and cathedral floors starting in the 12th century. Tile is moisture resistant, and it is visually very appealing to the eye. Keith Clay Floors provides a variety of choices when considering which tile floor is right for your home or business: ceramic, Mexican, pavers, terrazzo, mosaic, and porcelain. There are numerous tile patterns for floors including: herringbone, random, basket weave, pinwheel, diagonal and others.

The color variety of tile is diverse including dynamic hues such as: red, white, orange, black, and terra cotta. To give a pattern some individuality different sizes of tiles or different colors can be used. Lighter shades of tiles will add a look of more room to a small bathroom. A kitchen floor with the right tiles will enhance the entire space and add excitement. Tile is also a good material for living rooms due to its durability. The qualities of toughness and durability are part of natural tile floors. Tile accentuates any room with color and pattern. Maintenance of these floors provides you with environmentally friendly options to have ‘Green flooring products’ in your home as well.

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